Tush to the Cush

by bkajlich

Someone once told me that the mind is like a glass of muddy water…. the more we shake and stir things up, the murkier the water gets.  However, if left to be, the water will still, and all the dirt and debris will slowly settle at the bottom of the glass.  Clean, clear water.  Meditation is the act of setting down the glass.  Whenever people find out that I meditate, the most common response is “Oh I tried to meditate but I couldn’t get myself to stop thinking”.  That’s like saying you tried to go swimming but kept getting wet.  Of COURSE you’re going to think! It’s what our brains do!  The point of meditation is to train your mind not to engage in the thoughts, to let them flutter by like words on a screen. My problem isn’t so much the thinking, as it is getting disciplined enough to sit down in the first place.  During a recent retreat one woman called it “getting your tush on the cush”.  That would be great if I could actually FIND my cushion.  I recently moved and my dedicated meditation room is definitely less zen and more where I throw anything I haven’t found a place for yet.  And so, inspired by the blogs of my fellow Kajlich women, I am starting a page dedicated to getting this large italian bottom of mine on the beautiful cushion I purchased many a moon ago and MEDITATING FOR 365 DAYS STRAIGHT.  I may not find all the answers to the questions I am asking… but I am hoping for a little serenity, a lot of inhaled and exhaled breaths, and maybe a little insight into what makes this monkey mind of mine tick….. (and much to my dismay, I am pretty sure the answer isn’t chocolate).  xxB