The procrastinator…

by bkajlich

As deadly as the terminator himself, only when the procrastinator says “I’ll be back” it’s only after “I do a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and oh yes forgot a little something I need to do over here….”  Woke up to a beeeeee-U-tiful day here in southern california.  Sun, Sand, and Surf.  People everywhere.  My intention was to get right downstairs and clear out a little space in my mediation room and SIT.  Only it didn’t really work that way.  I caught sight of my computer as I hopped out of bed.. “oh I’ll just return a few emails first.”   Then “oh my dogs are so cute I’ll just play with them for a bit first.”  Then my tummy starts rumbling and it’s “oh I’ll just make a little something to eat real quick.” And then, and then, and then, and then, and then it’s suddenly WHAT??? 1PM????  I made myself a cup of tea(herbal of course…no need to give this brain of mine any more ammo then it needs) and kicked off my shoes.  I sat down and set my timer for 5 minutes… gonna ease back niiiiice and slow.  Inhale…. exhale.  Focusing on the sensation of my breath as it enters in through my nostrils, and then finding it on its way back out again.  In and out, In and out, hmmmm I wonder if I should try to make it over to whole foods before my run or after?  If I go before then I can ooooooops! Definitely got lost in my thoughts for a second there.  Celebrate that little moment of awareness and now it’s back to my breath…. and repeat.  I start to feel my body loosen, and slowly, bit by bit, I start to lose the sense of the room around me…. And then my timer begins to chime.  My teacher told me that at the end of a mediation you should feel as if you could sit a little bit longer… that’s definitely the case today.  Even in just 5 minutes, I am reminded why I love to sit so much…. afterwards I feel as if I can breathe a little deeper, and my mind definitely feels more focused.  One down, 364 to go….