For the Dogs

by bkajlich

At the risk of starting to sound like a crazy dog person, this is another post dedicated to my beloved pooches(and let’s be honest, I AM a crazy dog person). For those of you who don’t know, and those of you who would like to forget, I have four of them. FOUR. And only one of those is a small dog and she thinks she’s bigger than the other three put together.  I am forever fascinated by the minds of my dogs.  How the hell do they know when there is another dog within a mile radius of my house? How in god’s name do they come running to find me at 3pm ON THE DOT, which is when I feed them??  How come they love me with the same unbridled passion every single time I step through the front door even if I just stepped out to get the mail?  How do they know when I am sad, and that there is something they can do to comfort me?  I had a rough last year and at one point sat on my bathroom floor crying with my head in my hands.  I felt something touch me and looked up in astonishment so see my 6 year old lab/pit mix with his paw ON MY SHOULDER, his eyes locked on mine. He didn’t leave until I stopped crying. Unreal.  Dogs come into this life with the ability to be in the moment.  They don’t live in the past, they don’t fear the future.  A dog that has been beaten will still show affection to the one who abused it.  They don’t know they are going to die, so they are able to live their lives with wild abandon.  Free to play and eat and poop and pee like nobody’s business.  I struggled during my sit today as I couldn’t stop thinking about a particular incident that had happened that really rubbed me the wrong way.  I just couldn’t let it go.  Here I was hours after the fact and still!  Finally my timer went off and I decided to take Luna and Santi for a walk on the beach near my house.  It was really foggy and the beach was uncharacteristically quiet.  Only a handful of people with their dogs.  I watched as Luna and Santi ran up to a group of pooches and after a lot of tail wagging and butt sniffing they were off to the races.  Playing like it was going out of style. One black lab was content to bury his toy over and over again, oblivious to the roughhousing around him. Another dog wanted all the other dogs to chase him, but he couldn’t get their attention.  And yet another sat yapping away, happy to just sit and bark.  As darkness fell, one by one the owners led their reluctant pooches home.  Luna and Santi and I started our trek back down the beach, and I thought about my earlier sit and how the incident I couldn’t shake affected my ability to just be.  I vowed that from now on, I would try to approach matters with more of a dog-like zen.  Let the past stay in the past, worry less about the future.  Play more, play harder.  Give others a chance to join in, and no judgment if they just wanna do their own thing.  Show love to the people in my life with abundant exuberance, even if it’s the second time I’ve seen them that day.  And to remember that sometimes all people need is a hand on their shoulder to let them know you’re there……. xx