With a little help from my friends…

by bkajlich

Tonight I hosted a dinner party for a few of my friends.  It was a special occasion because it was the first sit down dinner in my new place.  I lit candles. I put on music.  I cooked.  I ATTEMPTED to cook.  I am not a fantastic chef.  I can follow a recipe, sometimes it’s hit, more than not it’s miss.  Tonight I made: A great soup, a good salad, and a questionable pasta dish.  It looked like #2 on a plate.  I mean, it LITERALLY looked like poo. My apologies if you are eating when you read this… but I’m just being honest.  My friends ate it.  That’s how I know they are my friends.  We were lucky to be sitting outside where it was pretty dark, and it actually tasted okay, go figure.  I looked around the table as we talked and ate and drank and laughed.  I felt such a huge swell of gratitude for these dear people who occupy such a large space in my heart.  I am so lucky to have them as my friends. After they left, I cleaned up a bit and prepared for my sit.  Inhale in, exhale out. Inhale in, exhale out… the room begins to fade… inhale, exhale… wow, I start to realize how fascinating my breath is.  This is it, the bread of life.  It is what sustains us.  With a simple inhale and exhale we propel our life forward, and yet we completely take it for granted. Do you ever stop to think about the simple mechanics of breathing?  Even more fascinating is that by observing this phenomenon you can actually attain inner peace. really.  Happiness and contentment can be yours by watching and sitting with that which already exists within you and occurs every second of every day…. Don’t believe me?  How bout a little pop quiz?  Can you think of something in the past couple of years that you really really wanted? More money?  A new car?  A vacation to some far off place?  Maybe it was an upgrade of something you already own?  A nicer TV? A bigger house? Hell, maybe a sexier, younger, better looking spouse?  And when you thought of that newer, nicer, bigger thing that you wanted… did you convince yourself that you would be happier once you got it? Be honest!  And for those of you that DID end up getting that thing you wanted…. did it in fact make you happier? Ok yeah, so maybe for a bit.  But if you’re reeeeeeealllly honest with yourself, how long did it take before you had your eyes on the next bigger better thing?  The point I am trying to make here is that we are conditioned to believe that moving up in this world will make us happier.  That getting, receiving and achieving will ultimately lead us to a place of contentment in our lives.  But it’s all a lie.  Because no matter how much we acquire, there will always be something bigger and better on the horizon.  There will always be something more that we have to have. The real truth is that until we turn inward, and sit with our own bare essentials, we won’t realize the abundance of gifts we already possess.  YOU ARE ENOUGH JUST AS YOU ARE.  JUST YOU.  PROMISE.  As my timer chimed tonight, I opened my eyes and couldn’t help but smile.  Five of my most favorite people on this planet had just left my house, and the glow of our mutual affection still hung all around.  I thought about how even with obvious differences, we were all such kindred spirits.  It occurred to me that the common ground on which we stood was our respect for each other, and our respect for OURSELVES.  We are enough. Just as we are. promise.  xx