Just Awesome

by bkajlich

If you haven’t seen this commercial from the Discovery Channel, then I am very happy that I got to introduce it to you because it is one of my favorites.  It’s pretty easy to figure out the origins of the word “awesome”.  It originates from somewhere in 16th century england and literally means something that inspires awe(well duh).  I can’t think of anything more awe inspiring then the world itself.  I live in a place that to most people is considered a vacation destination.  Whenever my mom comes to visit she always insists on getting her picture taken in front of a palm tree. This used to embarrass me to no end…. I mean they’re EVERYWHERE for pete’s sake! What’s the big deal?? And then one day, not long after I had started meditating, I was driving down Wilshire blvd and it hit me.  Oh my god!! There are palm trees everywhere!!! I live in a place where the universal symbol for vacation is EVERYWHERE!!! How cool is that?  When I’m at work, I can look out the window and VACATION!!!  When I’m stuck in traffic I can look to the side of the road and VACATION!!! When I’m killing myself at the gym I can… well, you get the idea…..but still, VACAAAAAAAATION!!  When we meditate, we allow our minds to disengage from the mindless repetitive chatter that goes on and on all day.  The average person thinks about 50,000 thoughts a day. 50,000!!! Crazier still is that 90% of those thoughts are repetitive!  That’s insane! No wonder we all start to go a little loony as life goes on.  We are basically thinking the same thoughts thousands of times over. Through meditation, your brain is trained(the rain in spain falls mainly on the plain)(sorry, couldn’t help myself) to observe the thoughts, but not engage in them.  I know I have said this in a couple posts, and now I am going to explain it.  Let’s say your friend has a beautiful Rolex watch, and they drop it and it shatters on the ground.  Sucks for your friend, right? You probably feel bad that your friend is bummed about their watch, but you’re not going to lose any sleep over it.  Now, say that it’s your Rolex watch that’s dropped and shatters.  Entirely different scenario right?  In one situation, you feel for your friend, in the other, you feel the loss personally because it was YOURS.  Meditation teaches you to untangle yourself from your emotions.  It doesn’t mean you won’t feel sad, or happy, or lonely or angry.  But like a watch that belongs to a friend, you will be able to see that your feelings aren’t attached to YOU.  They are separate, and therefore able to be witnessed and experienced without feeling like they will consume you.  And the incredible thing is that once you aren’t consumed by your thoughts and emotions, you start to notice and experience things around you that you were oblivious to before…. Like vacation palm trees that are everywhere, or the true nature of  people, or the incredible fact that everything is so intrinsically connected that you will never again be able to see yourself as separate or alone.  And thank god for that, because let me tell you…  this world of ours is just awesome. xxB

Oh, and ps~this view was my reward after my sit today. awesome. xx