What’s in a Day…

by bkajlich

Thought I would bring you a little taste of what I considered  a perfect day.  The video is my first attempt and I didn’t think about doing it until this afternoon, so next time I will get more pics throughout the day and also have a better understanding of the mind trap that is iMovie.

It’s amazing the difference a day can make.  Yesterday, sit numero 25. Challenging. Frustrating. Literally gritting my teeth to get through it.  It was a lot like my day.  It’s not that it was such a terrible one.  I just didn’t feel right in my skin… I drifted from each appointment and errand in a little bit of a haze.  I spent a lot of time nitpicking at thoughts of the past, and then seemed surprised when the remnants bled through to hinder my now.  I was exhausted by 7pm, and debated if I should just cut my losses and crawl into bed, pull the covers over my head.  I did end up turning in early, but only after I meditated and fell into a fitful sleep.

Today. Sit number 26.  Woke up to a beeeeeeeaUtiful day. Walked downstairs, plunked my hiney on my cushion straight away. Atta girl. Made a great breakfast. Ran some errands. Listened to great music.  Skated for TWO WHOLE hours on the boardwalk with a certain co-star of mine who is responsible for planting the seed of taking up skateboarding in the first place. Walked my pooches on the beach and witnessed an incredible sunset.  Arrived home refreshed and relaxed.

My sister Anya(365Runs) has always had a bit of a, ummmm how to put this nicely, fiercely independent specificity when it comes to how she likes things.  To be fair, she was the youngest of three, and the two of us ahead of her, in addition to my lovely mother, had a bit of a penchant for being tardy to almost everything. In addition to her disdain for being late, my sister also hated wrinkled or dirty clothes,(my brother and I would happily live in the same thing weeks, possibly months at a time) bad table manners(just ask the under 10 set that she routinely reprimanded for talking with their mouths full) and anyone who dared to question her authority when it came to horses, horses, and…. oh yeah, horses.  So it makes sense that at the tender age of 5, when she awoke one morning to find that her beloved school uniform cardigan had not been washed the previous night as requested; she would be a little bit peeved. Dressed in one of MY old school sweaters(oh the horror) she made sure to take every bit of her ire out on my mom as she drove her to school.  They pulled up, and as Anya was getting out of the car my mom turned to her and said “It can either be a good day, or a bad day, it’s your choice.”  At the end of the day, my sister came running out to the car, pigtails flying, tooth eating grin, wrapped her arms around my mother’s neck and stated “Mommy, I choosed it to be a good day, and it WAS”.

I can’t tell you how many times members of my family have relayed this story.  It’s cute and funny, but also true.  I think sometimes we genuinely forget how much power we have over whether something is a positive or a negative. I read something today about turning things around in your favor. Instead of believing that the world is conspiring against you, choose to believe that all signs point to yes, everyone’s got your back, and that the world is in fact conspiring for you to succeed. The only difference between the two is how you choose to look at it.

Today was a perfect day.  Did everything I ever dreamed of happen? No. Were there parts of it that sucked and moments where I thought about things that make me unhappy. Yeah. But, starting with my morning sit, I allowed myself to have power over where the day would go… and I CHOOSED it to be a good one.

What’s in a day? Whatever you want. The choice is yours my friends. xxB