Nothing Else Matters

by bkajlich

Yes. I am referencing Metallica for my meditation post today.  I’ve always loved this song…. in college I would often stay up long after my roommates had gone to bed, sitting by the open window, looking out over the silent campus with this song on repeat.  It really is a beautiful piece of music.  My father would probably disagree :p

Last night I attended a charity event.  After a 10 day cleanse I somehow thought it would be a good idea to have a few drinks.  I awoke this morning feeling, as we Kajlichs like to call it, a bit “precious”.  I really hate that feeling. It’s so far removed from who I am as a person, I feel needy and blue and can’t wait for the day to be over. Luckily, I didn’t have anything to do today so I spent a large portion of it lazing around in bed, basically being a bum. The problem is, in that state it’s much easier for things that I could normally handle with ease to get to me.  Today it seemed as though the weight of the world lay on my shoulders. Things that I haven’t thought about in months popped into my head and really got at me.  I found myself pushing pushing pushing to get the day over and done with…. even my mediation wasn’t helping.  It continued to snowball until finally , I decided I needed to get my whiney ass out of the house and swallow some major gulps of fresh sea air.  I leashed up the pooches(who at this point were definitely contemplating taking matters into their own hands) and headed out.  As I rounded the corner to the beach, I looked up and stopped dead in my tracks at this:


was the first thing that popped into my head.  Every uncomfortable thought and feeling that I had been having all day disappeared immediately.  I felt so connected to everything in that very moment that the boundaries of where I ended, and that view; the sea, the sky began, blurred until I could no longer differentiate between myself and the world around me.  I am a part of it, it is a part of me.  Nothing else matters when you realize the effortless power of serenity that is ongoing and ever occurring.  Nature is so good at conveying this idea to us because it doesn’t try to be anything other than what it is.  This is also the reason that when we meditate, we focus on the breath. It connects us to all other living matter, and it just is.  It exists without us having to think about it. Isn’t it so sweet, the notion that the very thing that keeps us alive can also teach us all we need to know to really live?

Trust I seek and I find in you
Every day for us something new
Open mind for a different view
and nothing else matters

The more I begin to trust in what I might find within myself, the more I see how much life is just waiting for us to open our eyes.  How rich it is to realize that all that I need is already here with me now. As each layer falls away, more of my truth is revealed and I begin to realize what I genuinely have to offer to this world.

And in the end my dear hearts, THAT is really all that matters. xxB