Tuned in….

by bkajlich

Yes, I know dear hearts. Two days, no posts. But I be a sittin fool. And today’s post will be all the better for it. Before my sit this evening I went for a ride down the boardwalk and came upon a beautiful soul playing a saxophone solo on the sand at sunset. These are the things I love about living here.  As I sat and listened to this man, pouring his heart out into the night air, I thought about how much music moves me. It has carried me and delighted me since I was a child. I have both my parents to thank…My Eastern European father made sure our ears were filled with the classics…Bach, Beethoven, Dvorak, Gershwin.  Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, John Coltrane. B.B. King. Ahhhhh B.B King….

My mother rounded it out with music from her youth to the stuff we were listening to… she was the coolest mom around(see The Beige Blur). Her enthusiasm and openness to all forms of music gave us kids permission to do the same.  It was not uncommon to be woken on a school day to The Fab Four blasting throughout the house. And if little minds were restless at night, she would sit on the side of our bed and lull us to sleep with this gem:(mom get yer hanky, sorry)

We attended the symphony with my parents regularly from when we were as little as I can remember.  It was a big deal, getting dressed up and fancy, eating little cakes and sparkling cider at intermission. Nevermind that for the first several years I never once made it to the final allegro or sonata awake. It was the most decadent pleasure, drifting off into a glorious sleep surrounded by music, beautiful, breathtaking music. My favorite, which affected me even as a young teen to the point of tears…

As we got older, the Kajlich kids took things into their own hands.  We regularly swap favorites, and burn cds for our parents who have come to look to us for new material. I love that we all share such a passion for something that has easily changed all of our lives… it is our connective tissue, and the thing most likely to make us run for the literal kind as well. We are bound by the recollection of a piece that moved us in a certain place, at a certain time.  Music forces you to be in the moment, to be held happily hostage by a note that can resonate within you and bring forth a multitude of stories and memories. It can also create anew, give understanding, meaning, and depth to something that may be otherwise impossible to understand.  It can bridge gaps, language and otherwise. If it does not exist of its own accord around us, we can make it with our voices, our hands, our feet.  It is always, everywhere, everything.

I’d like to leave you with two of my all time favorites. One new and one old.  The first is a pairing I recently came across about a year ago.  They are touring the states this year and if you are lucky enough to live in one of the states they visit, GO. They are Rodrigo y Gabriela, and I will let their music speak for themselves.

And last but not least.  A piece that may hold the most emotional significance to me of any that I know.  At the start of any trip the Kajlich clan embarked on, my father would fire up the beige blur, camper in tow, van packed to brim… Mom would pass out lollipops and in would go our travel tape. Liszt; Hungarian Rhapsody would blare out the speakers as we pulled out of the drive. We would start furiously conducting; lollipops flying, eyes bright, the open road ahead beckoning with the promise of a great adventure. Whenever I hear this piece of music, I feel like I can take on the world…  It helps me to remember that simple truth I so easily accepted as a child…  If you’re in it for the long haul, may as well enjoy the ride.

Sure does help if you’ve got great tunes.  xx