When I wake up….

by bkajlich

Having had two days this past week that really stunk up the joint, I’ve decided to share with you a list I made a long time ago that helps me whenever I wake up feeling blue…  It’s a little list of things that make me really happy, or at the very least, content. I use it when I’m not feeling myself, or if something has happened that I am pretty sure is going to send me in that direction. It’s not a cure, but I find that when I am down, having a sense of direction always helps me to feel like this too shall pass away. If you like this idea feel free to steal mine, or even better, make your own. Would love if you felt like sharing yours. and now, without further ado….

When I wake up I will…..

Smile upon opening my eyes, even if I have to fake it.

Leave my bed unmade all day as a reminder of blissful peace

Make a breakfast for myself of eggs and toast slathered with butter, pancakes and fruit, and anything else greasy, fatty, and completely satisfying.

Walk barefoot outside in pj’s for no apparent reason other than to feel morning on my face(even better if it is raining).

Call two friends.

Thank my lucky stars that I have two friends with whom I trust my life and my soul.

Take a bath and write until the water goes cold or my fingers are too withered and raisiny to write, whichever happens first.

Turn to the door, open it, and choose to face the day.

Drive somewhere in my car. Any destination will do. Turn up the music as loud as will fill my ears, and GO.

Sing out loud with every remainder of my being.

Choose to be strong, brave, honest and bold. Then choose to be courageous enough to admit which one of those frightens me.

Buy an ice cream cone and let it drip and melt anywhere it wishes.

Sit with dusk, listen for the sound of it fading away.

Let the night talk and whatever it says, answer back really loud…. yell if I wish.

Ask the uneasiness in my stomach to come visit in my head where I can look at it, then welcome it into my heart, where I can hold it.

Now hold someone.

Savor a cold beer.

Talk to a companion, one of the elite….

Until the last of the evening slips away, and my sleep awaits

Upon which, I will let it go……