10 minutes

by bkajlich

As I sit on the beach daily watching the sunset, or lay with my dogs, or call up my mom and my dad to talk about little moments of my day…. I think about how lucky I am to live this life in such a way.  I think a lot about people elsewhere in the world, and what they are doing at that very moment.  I am often struck by the thought that while I bask in my creature comforts, they are struggling through unspeakable horrors.

10 minutes in one life can be a phone call, a shower, a cup of coffee.  For another, 10 minutes can be the end of a life, an unspeakable tragedy. Life is so precious, so fragile…. a moment can change everything.

The following short will take you less than 10 minutes to watch.  You’ll probably be watching it from the comfort of your office, or your home. Maybe take a moment after to reflect on how someone else in the world has just spent that 10 minutes. If it feels right, send them a thought, a prayer, your love.

10 minutes.