The Rules

by bkajlich

Many of you who visit this blog most likely found it because you are fans of my tv sitcom Rules Of Engagement. If so, you probably know by now that we had our season order reduced to 13 episodes this year, and last night marked the final taping of season 6. Whether there will be a season 7 remains to be seen. We will find out in May when the networks make their picks for the fall season.  I am optimistic, as I always try to be… but I know only all too well that this is a business and at the end of the day, it is out of our hands. Last night could have very well been our final farewell. Such is life in this industry.  If it indeed was, I doubt there could have been a more suitable goodbye for the cast and crew of Rules. At a bar down the street from our beloved stage 28 at Sony studios, we karaoke’d well into the night.  It’s a tiny place we hit up after most tape nights… affectionally referred to as “Sticky Bar”; for reasons that I will leave up to your own imaginations…

Below is the last song of the night; everyone together, sweaty and hoarse, in only my new most favorite group sing-along of all time…and there have been some sing-alongs in this life o’ mine…

This show has been my home for the last 6 years. A home that held me through some pretty intense life moments… the crumbling of my marriage, the death of my father, the swirling whirlwind of loss and change, the space in between where all was surrendered and the old skin shed… the hike back up the mountain resumed.

I could not have done it without this cast and crew.

I want you all to know, that the people who have kept you laughing on Monday nights at 9:30, and then Mondays at 8:30 and then Thursdays at 8:30 and then Saturdays, wait no back to Thursdays at 8:30 (let us not forget midseason, full season/WHOOPS writers strike!!! then midseason again, and another midseason, OH HEY FULL SEASON, and back to half season…) are incredible, funny, GOOD, caring, and genuine people who I love so very very much. Our crew works their asses off and comes back year after year even when they haven’t been guaranteed an entire season of work. I have never, not one day in 6 years, not wanted to come to work. (well maybe just once or twice, when lingerie was involved, and I hadn’t laid off the cake and cookies :p). I am so very honored to have worked with everyone on our set, from the camera operators, Grip & Electric, to Rhonda in Craft Services. Shelley, Bri, MAD PROPS Prop Masters!! Our awesome stand-ins, the incredible Ron who keeps our audiences laughing in between takes, The incomparable Ted Wass… OUR A.D. TEAM!!! To my besties in Wardrobe, daily therapy in hair & makeup, and the entire production team, writing staff and producers… THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

I don’t think that until last night, I really understood, nor appropriately appreciated, what Rules has meant to me.  It really is so hard to see what a gift something is, especially when we are so focused on what comes next.  In a world where the emphasis is put on moving up the ladder, it’s easy to treat wherever you’re at like a waiting room.  Never investing much time or thought into the happenings within… only worrying about what’s on the other side of the door you plan to walk through.

It’s good to have dreams, great to set goals, exciting to think about hitting new heights… but let’s not forget about the lessons we learn along way. The freeway sure does feel fast and furious, adrenaline pumping.. but how awful would it have been if that’s where we learned to drive? YOU ARE EXACTLY WHERE YOU NEED TO BE TO LEARN WHAT YOU NEED TO LEARN AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT. TRUST THIS. I know that there are still many amazing memories to be made in this career of mine. I hope I get to travel to distant places and make many new amazing friends. But I can’t imagine a world in which I won’t smile gratefully at the memory of the world’s best cast & crew; celebrating and singing their bloody hearts out, in a small, dark, and awesomely sticky bar.

I love you guys.