Over the Moon…

by bkajlich

There are many reasons I have neglected my poor little blog. One of the best and most important ones is that I became a mom. ME! I did! On April 9th, My husband Michael and I welcomed our daughter Magnolia Moon Catherwood into the world. I have not stopped smiling since. Okay, that’s a lie. But I MOSTLY have been smiling except for little interludes of grumpiness about the usual suspects; sleep etc. I will spare you the boring details. The bottom line is, she is fantastic and we are beside ourselves in love. Being a parent kicks ass and it also kicks your ass. You know when you look at yourself in one of those obnoxious ULTRA magnification mirrors and you realize that your skin actually looks like shit?? Yeah it’s like that. It  brings to light every thing you ever thought about yourself and throws it all on its ass. And there’s the worry. As someone who has always wondered about a great many things, I find myself obsessing about the world and the kind of place that it will be as my daughter grows up. As much as the world has changed since I was a child, I can’t imagine what awaits her as she goes through the major milestones of her youth. I worry about the fate of the planet, the effects of social media on her self worth, the precarious nature of certain relationships between various countries around the globe. You know, the basics. Just turn on the damn news and let your mind go wild.  I’m convinced that they sent a memo around to all the news stations and said “whatever you do, just make sure it will scare the shit out of parents. Ratings bonanza!!!!”

A couple days ago I went for a walk down the Venice Boardwalk. If you’ve ever been, you know why it’s referred to as “the venice freakshow”  Pretty much anything goes, and unfortunately a lot of what goes is the direct result of drugs and alcohol. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for entertainment, I just feel badly for the ill people, but that’s a whole nother blog post. Anyway, as I was walking with a friend, we passed a homeless man “playing” the violin. I put playing in quotations because the violin had MAYBE one string that was still attached and the bow was broken. The result was nails on chalkboard, bad. However, if you were deaf and just blind enough that you could only see the man playing but not the four flailing stings, you would have thought this was Antonio Vivaldi resurrected from the dead. Whatever he was hearing, it was the concerto of his life.  As we walked away, I turned to my friend laughingly and said “what if he’s right, and we’re wrong?”….

Alan Watts, the great British philospher, speaks about “Yin and Yang”, the concept of opposing principles. Yang stands for the positive, and Yin, the negative. The two poles show that everything has its counterpart, and that in fact, one cannot prevail without the other.

Yin and Yang

Think about this in the form of good and bad, one does not exist without the other. SO. No increase in good will ever be without an increase in bad, and vice versa. Say you want more money. You can’t have it without more of the negative as well. C’mon, we all know, “mo money, mo problems”. Oh yes, I went there.

“what”, you may be asking, “in holy hell does this have to do with your daughter and crazy violin guy?!!”

chill. I’m getting there.

Everything is in balance. Always has been, always will be. There will always be directly proportional amounts of good and bad. And all of it depends on how you choose to see it. Problem is, cash is king, and the news is no exception. What you and I are exposed to is a 24/7 steaming pile of fear stew served up hot and ready. Because BAD NEWS PAYS. We are bombarded by it. We are overwhelmed by it. Can you imagine what todays news would be like in the Middle Ages? Hello, have you watched Game Of Thrones??! Did you know that we are actually living in one of the most peaceful eras since the dawn of human existence?? Truth.

I’m realizing that the world my daughter will face as she grows older depends greatly on the way she is taught to see it. If I live my life in worry and fear of an awful world gone crazy, then an awful, crazy world is what she’ll see. If I show her by example that there is just as much good, that hope exists, that the answer to every one of her questions is love… then maybe this world will have one more warrior of light. Then maybe the man playing the broken violin is right…

The beauty is in what you choose to believe. Play on. xxb

Mariana Kajlich Photography

Mariana Kajlich Photography